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    EXtremeCRM 2015: Free Dynamics Marketing Training Course and Executive Exchange Talk

    eXtremeCRM is the premier event focused exclusively on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, helping the Microsoft Dynamics CRM community more effectively sell, deploy and extend the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. eXtremeCRM is held annually in both Europe and the United States, offering sponsors and partners more opportunities to share knowledge and collaborate.

    The eXtremeCRM executive team invited Vepro's Managing Director Wolfgang von Enckevort to contribute:

    What Does it Take to Build a Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Practice

    Executive Exchange talk aiming for interested Microsoft partner execs to gain a better understanding of what it takes to build a practice around Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. Learning about starting the process, hearing what has worked and what can be done differently.

    Planning to Implement Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

    Expert talk, helping Microsoft partners to gain a good understanding of the problems that can be solved with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and how to measure their success. Learning about the skills and capabilities of what companies and partners need to successfully implement this solution, and how to best plan their marketing implementation projects. 

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Campaign management Training

    Hands-on Lab training course hosted in collaboration with Microsoft's Catalina Necula. Free one-day training course composed of three distinct modules:

    • Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing
    • Building and managing automated campaigns
    • Managing Marketing operations