Enabling Your Customer Engagement Success

Enabling Customer Engagement Success

Adobe and Microsoft integration diagram
Adobe and Microsoft integration diagram

Time for Change

In January 2013 Vepro Ltd. launched as a marketing and sales automation consultancy business at a time, when more and more companies were facing the challenge to join their marketing, sales and customer service efforts into a single, customer-centric organization. Perfect timing, we felt, to offer top expertise in the field of integrated marketing and customer relationship management, combined with the promise to deliver impactful software implementations. Our concept immediately caught on, resulting in +40% year-on-year business growth and customers joining from 14 countries around the world.


Combining our knowledge about marketing and sales organizations, their processes and challenges with mastery of the underlying software technology to form impactful business solutions, we soon made a key decision: We would not be 'vendor-agnostic' solution consultants, assisting clients in software selection processes, conducting 'solution bake-offs'. Instead, we became true experts in a single, integrated software platform which needed to be both flexible and feature-rich enough to be configured to 'out of the box' meet our customer's business requirements.


The right Solution Platform

Back in 2013, we decided the foundation for 'our' platform to be Microsoft Dynamics: Its customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) components seamlessly integrated with the new marketing, social engagement and customer service modules. Together they formed a truly compelling solution proposition for businesses large and small, anywhere.


Then, in 2016, we were amongst the first Microsoft Dynamics 365 expert teams to fully embrace the opportunities arising from Microsoft's unique, strategic partnership with Adobe, adding the Adobe Experience Cloud to our enterprise solution portfolio. The sudden availability of world-class cross-channel campaign orchestration, targeting and testing, profile and audience management as well as experience management and media optimization tools clearly was a game-changer and therefore became integral part of our future solution architecture strategy.

The Building Blocks

The true power lies in combining the expert functionality of the Adobe Experience Cloud and its deep integration with Adobe Creative Cloud's authoring and design tools with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its smart integration with standard software services most of us already use on a daily basis.


Microsoft Office productivity, Outlook, Exchange and Skype communication, Sharepoint and OneDrive document and file management as well as PowerBI for a new, democratized view to business analytics - all that is integrated into a single, omni-functional framework. Add Office 365 for global and secure user and subscription management, Azure, the scalable, elastic infrastructure-as-a-service layer providing enterprise service bus, cloud storage and integration tools. And: Leverage the broad variety of ready-to-use software accelerators and add-ons available from numerous independent software vendors - Vepro included!


Partnering for Success

Adobe's and Microsoft's joint, ubiquitous solution vision is fantastic but most importantly it establishes a real sense of relevance. And it is a solution's relevance perceived by project stakeholders, sponsors and end users alike which becomes a deciding factor for successful business software solution adoption.


Today, we are proud to be both a leading solution consulting partner for Adobe Experience Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers and a trusted enablement partner of Microsoft Corporation and their channel organization. We offer strong technology and process expertise, enabling businesses to achieve marketing and customer engagement excellence. We work collaboratively with customer stakeholders across offices, departments and teams, jointly heralding the new, holistic paradigm of replacing the traditional marketing / sales / customer service silo landscape.


Vepro is here to enable your marketing and customer engagement success!