Enabling Your Customer Engagement Success

LinkedIn integration, D365 for Marketing and AI driven recommendations to support Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

Also known as Key Account Marketing, Account Based Marketing relies on sales and marketing teams working together to target specific accounts within a B2B context.

It is a particularly effective strategy for higher investment, higher risk, complex purchases with multiple decision makers. 

Building relationships is a key factor in securing these sales, which is supported by identifying and connecting with key decision makers, through personalized campaigns that resonate with their specific pain points. 

Account Based Marketing is no longer limited to high value and lengthy sales cycles. By combining the right technology and processes Account Based Marketing can be more efficient and affordable, making it the perfect fit for smaller B2B business selling niche products or services.

The Microsoft Power Platform provides a level of integration between sales and marketing technology that encourages teams to work much more closely and facilitates their strategic alignment.


We use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration to:

  • Create a complete view of all contacts for a specific account
  • Identify new leads using the extended LinkedIn network
  • View Account, Lead, Opportunity and Contacts alongside the related profiles of decision makers
  • Identify and leverage colleagues with an existing relationship to a Contact or Account
  • Sync Contact and Account information between D365 and LinkedIn to ensure that info is up-to-date for use in marketing lists/dynamic segments

We use D365 for Marketing to:

  • Identify and create segments of high-value accounts
  • Identify key stakeholders to influence within each account
  • Create personalized content, such as emails, and target them at specific accounts
  • Generate account-level leads and nurture them throughout the customer journey
  • Continuously measure account engagement and optimize your messaging

Sales Insights helps with AI driven recommendations to:

  • Identify the best opportunities and when to target them
  • Make recommendations on next best actions
  • Track relationship health

At Vepro, we configure the Microsoft Power Platform to enable closer integration of all of the above, providing a complete 360 degree view of contacts and accounts, to ensure that all sales and marketing interactions are visible and actionable. 


In our experience, customers often have all of the required tools, but struggle to optimize how they work together. In addition as new products are released or updates occur, they can struggle to manage the product lifecycle and fully exploit new features.


Vepro has the understanding and expertise to assist in this core business transformation, and manage the solution lifecycle, so that you can benefit from, and incorporate, new products and enhanced functionality as it is made available.


Contact Vepro to maximise the value your Power Platform can deliver.