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Managing the student lifecycle from open day to alumni

Higher Education Marketing

Marketing to Higher Education has its own characteristics that are slightly different from traditional commercial marketing.

There is an annual cadence to the marketing activities as each year students sign up for their chosen courses.  All students must be signed up for the start of the academic year, and all courses must be allocated to meet the same deadline.

The student lifecycle can last a life time, from the initial interest in the university, through undergraduate life and then graduate and post graduate careers. The relationship with the Student continues into Student Alumnus status.



At Vepro we have worked with both university of Reading and Kings College London to deliver marketing automation and CRM integration.


The Microsoft Dynamics Power Platform offers a wide range of closely integrated software applications that can support the Sales and Marketing side of the educational establishment.


For example, the Dynamics 365 for Marketing application has a full event management functionality, to support student events of all sizes:

  • Outbound School Visits 
  • Inbound University visits
  • UCAS Fair attendance
  • Open Days
  • VIP and Cultural Events

Using the Events software in Dynamics 365 for Marketing you create specialist Student journeys to follow the progress of the individual events. The steps along the way include:

  • Defining target contact lists and segments
  • Sending out invitation emails
  • Creating registration landing pages in an event portal for your upcoming events
  • Adding communication routes for those who miss the first email
  • Creating new subscription lists for follow up communications
  • Coordinating with the social team to coordinate the social media posts about the event
  • Applying GDPR rules and regulations (including managing parental consent for under 18s)

From there you can use the Dynamics 365 for Marketing Events features to organise all the Event details, such: 

  • Venue and Rooms
  • Sessions Tracks
  • Speaker arrangements
  • Accommodation administration
  • Sponsorships & Ticketing
  • Registration details with all the practical event details such as dietary requirements
  • Post Event Attendee survey 
  • Follow up actions and Tasks for the Sales & Marketing Teams
  • Event ROI Insights & reporting

In a summary, the Events features within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing enable you to plan, promote, execute and analyse all your Marketing Events, whether they be small, medium or large.


This specialist Event management functionality sits side by side with your other Dynamics 365 Power Platform Applications such as:

  • Sales
  • Marketing (in which the Events is contained)
  • Customer Service 
  • Field Service 
  • Finance and Operations 
  • Project Service Automation.  

All the Marketing Event based business information sits inside the Microsoft Power Platform Common Data Service and can therefore be easily shared and coordinated especially with the Sales teams who work through the opportunities and close the sales. 



Furthermore, Canvas Apps and Microsoft Flow can be used to provide meet and greet applications, where welcome staff can record attendance and register "walk-ins", with all the information gathered seamlessly combined in the Common Data Service. 


At Vepro we understand that the Dynamics Power Platform is fundamentally changing the way Microsoft software is sold.  Gone are the days when you would go out and buy a specialist software for the selected task. Today, and in the future, software is a service that can be incrementally developed and evolved to match your core business requirements.


Vepro has the understanding and expertise to assist in this core business transformation, and manage the solution lifecycle, so that you can benefit from, and incorporate, new products and enhanced functionality as it is made available.



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