Enabling Your Customer Engagement Success

Combining D365 for Sales and Marketing for a complete 360 degree view of the customer, to target offers and encourage loyalty

Loyalty and Offer Based Marketing

Many organisations support their business with loyalty marketing schemes, where customers are rewarded for their continued business.  The business objective is to encourage repeat orders and increase customer engagement.

The customer relationship is at the heart of all sides of the business, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Finance operations. 


Marketing communications need to be based on personalised content and to do that you need to understand the preferences and business history of every Customer, in order to predict which offers and promotions will yield the most beneficial results.


The challenge for Marketing is to create Marketing communications that talk to the individual customer, but also support the overall business and campaign objectives.  


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing offers the tools to create rich and flexible communications with a minimum of fuss, and maximum effect. The application will:

  • Integrate easily with the other Applications in the organisation such as Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Work with the Sales systems to create the best offers
  • Enable multi-variate testing to establish what Marketing strategies works best
  • Provide the ability to personalise email communications so that the Customer feels that it is a one to one relationship
  • Create Insights and learn from historical data to assist the planning of subsequent marketing Campaigns 


All the Marketing based business information sits inside the Microsoft Power Platform Common Data Service and can therefore be easily shared and coordinated especially with the Sales teams who work through the opportunities and close the sales. 


Furthermore, new Canvas App and Flow software applications can be added to create your own business solutions more quickly and effectively than ever before. 


At Vepro, we understand that the Dynamics Power Platform is fundamentally changing the way Microsoft software is sold.  Gone are the days when you go out and buy specialist software for the selected task.  Today,  and in the future,  software is a service that can be incrementally developed and evolved to match your core business requirements.


Vepro has the understanding and expertise to assist in this core business transformation.


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