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Social Media integrations to encourage closer collaboration between sales and marketing

Social Media Marketing in D365

It has always been a challenge to get Sales and Marketing to work more closely together, but now, due to mass adoption of Social Media, any employee using their Social Profiles to promote the business is effectively "In Marketing".


This presents a unique challenge which, if implemented correctly, with the right tools and processes, is a great opportunity to encourage closer collaboration between Sales and Marketing.


Since Microsoft purchased LinkedIn in June 2016, they have increasing the level of integration between the products.

  • You can now use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator within D365 for Sales
  • New Leads can be identified within D365 for Sales using the extended LinkedIn network
  • Account, Lead, Opportunity and Contacts viewed, can display related LinkedIn profiles of decision makers
  • Users can quickly identify colleagues who also have a connection to a prospect
  • Contact and Account information can be imported from LinkedIn, or vice versa, this sync ensures that contact info is up-to-date

Adding the Social Selling Assistant App to D365 for Sales helps users improve their social presence and generate more leads.

  • Personalized, intelligent insights recommend relevant social posts with which to interact
  • Machine learning on recommendations ensures recommendations are tailored to your requirements

Furthermore, Microsoft Flow can be used to trigger alerts based on colleagues or prospects social media activities.


Vepro has the understanding and expertise to assist in this core business transformation, and manage the solution lifecycle, so that you can benefit from, and incorporate, new products and enhanced functionality as it is made available.


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