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Combining data anlysis with marketing technology to deliver personalized communications

Personalized Marketing

Also known as individual or one-to-one marketing, personalized marketing is the practice of combining data analysis and digital marketing technology to deliver personalized marketing messages to your contacts.

Out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 Marketing goes someway to supporting this, providing the ability to add personalized text fields in your email marketing communications, so customer name, loyalty level etc. can be included as text within the message, however, for more sophisticated personalization, including images and segmentation based on multiple conditions you need to start writing code. 
For this reason we have developed our Dynamic Content Tool for Marketing Emails, to provide a simple user interface that enables non-programmers to generate sophisticated personalized dynamic content via a graphical user interface. 
The tool has a proven track record, and is used by global B2C and B2B organizations, delivering in excess of 100,000 content combinations from a single email design. 
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