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    Microsoft Success Story: Three Questions CMO's must answer to successfully implement Marketing Software

    Today’s CMOs spend an increasing amount of time wearing a CIO hat. According to Wolfgang von Enckevort, Managing Director at Vepro, an agency that helps companies optimize marketing processes and customer engagement solutions, while taking on the responsibility for technology is easier with the right software, three crucial things must happen before that software can be implemented. Here are the things von Enckevort says CMOs must do before they can bring in systems to optimize their marketing organizations:

    1. Software: Companies may be convinced purchasing CRM software is a magic bullet for a comprehensive sales, marketing, and service management solution. But there’s so much functional depth in these areas that CRM alone simply doesn’t cover. It’s really just the foundation. Today, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is the secret sauce that fits right in with your CRM technology and media tools.
    2. Process: Technology doesn’t fix broken processes. Identifying and understanding gaps in internal communication which needs to be resolved before a company even starts to implement any sort of marketing software – and with each client, there are almost always disagreements about internal processes,
    3. Solution: Marketing leaders really need to take solution lifecycle management into account – this makes managing the IT very simple. A cloud-based solution like Dynamics Marketing never stands still. It’s constantly evolving and improving. Having a plan and strategy can ensure a team will seamlessly integrate those features that enhance or streamline their activities.