Enabling Your Customer Engagement Success

Vepro's Team of Solution Consultants

Wolfgang von Enckevort

Principal Consultant

Wolfgang is a Marketing and CRM solution expert, passionately guiding and supporting his international clients throughout the planning, implementation and operation of impactful, award-winning customer engagement solutions. He clearly understands marketing and sales organization's needs, roles, processes, and the various challenges they face.


He founded Vepro in 2013, after having lead business software product management, R&D and implementation teams for over twelve years. 
He has further ten years of practical experience in founding and growing online marketing and digital media production businesses.


Wolfgang is an Adobe-accredited Digital Marketer, a certified expert in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM / 365 and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing software, as well as a frequent industry event speaker.


Wolfgang's previous roles:

  • Chief Technology Officer at brand value and customer experience software company Simple
  • Chief Technology Officer at brand management service and solution vendor Adgistics
  • Global Head of Marketing Solutions at software solutions and marketing service vendor Adstream
  • Head of Business G/A/S at Quickcut Adstream

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Email Wolfgang: wolfgang.vonenckevort@vepro.info

Dev Rios

Research & Development Lead

Dev is a top expert in the development, customisation, deployment and operation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure software solutions and also is the development lead in charge of Vepro’s successful Customer Engagement Tools software plugins for Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions. 


Dev is a certified Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect and Solution Expert for Microsoft Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, bringing a wealth of software design, development and operations knowledge to Vepro’s customer projects. Further, he excels in any aspect of digital marketing technology platforms and background services.


Dev's previous roles:

  • R&D Director at brand value and customer experience software company Simple
  • Lead Software Developer at  brand management service and solution vendor Adgistics
  • Lead Software Developer at insurance industry business management service Watertrace
  • Software Development Consultant for European governmental and industry clients

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Email Dev: dev.rios@vepro.info

Ben Holst

Senior Solution Consultant

Ben graduated as an Automotive Engineer and spent ten years working in the industry, before transitioning into marketing to become a creative agency marketing consultant, specialising in strategic and tactical marketing implementation. He is dedicated to providing technology solutions that empower marketing and sales teams to deliver their requirements, accurately report marketing ROI and inform marketing strategy.


Today, Ben leads implementation projects for international B2B and B2C clients, delivering consultancy, configuration and training services to transform marketing and sales team capabilities and the systems they use.


Ben is a Microsoft Certified Professional in both Dynamics 365 / CRM and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, he also has extensive experience using and integrating Power BI and Microsoft Social Engagement.


Ben's previous roles:

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Email Ben: ben.holst@vepro.info

Chris Morgan

Senior Solution Consultant

Chris operates at the crossroads of advertising and marketing management solutions, excelling in both areas, multi-channel media planning and buying, as well as cross-channel marketing automation.


With his tremendous expertise in the bought media and marketing finance management disciplines, he is instrumental to our high-profile Marketing Resource Management implementation projects across Europe and North America. He equally succeeds as a functional consultant and solution trainer in our enterprise and SMB Advertising, Marketing and Sales automation projects.


As a Microsoft Certified Professional in both Dynamics 365 / CRM and Dynamics Marketing, he forms part of our team of Microsoft Level 300 partner trainers.


Chris previous roles:

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Email Chris: chris.morgan@vepro.info